Makeup mistakes happen to the best of us

Makeup mistakes happen to the best of us, but these tried and tested tips and tricks will make sure they don’t happen to you.

How to avoid getting lipstick on your teeth
It’s easy for lipstick to transfer onto your teeth unless the formula is budgeproof. So, a good way to ensure it won’t happen is by applying your lip color and then sticking your (clean!) pointer finger in your mouth and wrapping your lips around it as you pull your finger out of your mouth. This removes the lipstick that would have potentially gotten on your teeth from the inside of your lips.

How to eliminate eyeshadow from falling onto your cheeks
If you’re using a powder eye shadow as opposed to a cream version, you might get a little fallout on your face even if you tap the excess off the brush. To avoid your eye color from ruining your foundation, apply your eye makeup first. That way, if eyeshadow dust does fall on your cheek, you can wipe it away easy-breezy. If you’re touching up your makeup to go out from work and eye shadow lands on your base, use some tape to pick up the excess.

Keep your foundation from looking cakey
To keep from looking like you applied an entire bottle of foundation at once, start with a sheer layer and apply it to the center of your face, working your way towards the end of your face. You can always add, but it’s a pain to try and thin your base once it’s on. If it does go on too thick, dampen a clean makeup sponge and dab the foundation to take away some of the extra formula and buff it with a buffer brush. Always go for the natural makeup look.

Always remember, when it comes to applying makeup, Less is More…start with less application and slowly build it up if required. Its always easy to add on a product than to remove and correct.

Hope you find these couple of tips and tricks useful in your daily makeup routine.

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